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Free Finance Data sources

A good summary is provided at Quantshare Link
A summary is provided below:

Google Finance

In Google Finance, intra-day data is available free for several stock markets.
A description of data available is provided here

Data is available in several frequencies with the lowest one being one-minute time frame.

The URL format is:[PERIOD]&p=[DAYS]d&f=d,o,h,l,c,v&df=cpct&q=[TICKER]


[PERIOD]: Interval or frequency in seconds
[DAYS]: The historical data period, where "10d" means that we need historical stock prices data for the past 10 days
[TICKER]: This is the ticker symbol of the stock

Symbol Look up:

More information: Intraday Data for US Stocks

Yahoo Finance

As with Google Finance, Yahoo allows you to download intraday data for several stock markets. You can get data for 62 exchanges.

Format :[TICKER]/chartdata;type=quote;range=1d/csv


[TICKER]: This is the ticker symbol of the security

Symbol Lookup:

More information: More information: Intraday Quotes for Major Stock Exchanges


Dukascopy, the Swiss Forex Bank has a nice CSV DATA Export tool. You will not get data for the entire U.S. stock market but you will be able to export CSV data of several ones and for different periods (1 minute, 10 minutes, and 1 hour).

Dukascopy has also intra-day data for several currency pairs and indices (Japan Topix index, Canadian TSX Indiex, VIX, Russell 2000, Russian RTS Index, CAC 40, Futsee 100...)

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A useful site for economics education - "Economics Education Resource Guide"

A useful site for accounting resources - "The Quintessential Accounting Resource Guide"

A guide on how to read pay stubbs

Finance Resources:

Social Science Research Network SSRN

ECON papers, working papers in economics econpapers

Finance site list, University of Ohio Finance sites

World-wide Finance Faculty list, University of Ohio Finance Faculty

Financial Data Finder, University of Ohio Financial Data Finder

Other Finance Resources, University of Ohio Finance Resources

The Journal of Finance Journal of Finance

Journal of Financial Economics Journal of Financial Economics

Review of Financial Studies Review of Financial Studies

Journal of Financial Econmetrics Journal of Financial Econometrics

Journal of Econometrics Journal of Econometrics

Some useful free software

GRETL  is an open-source statistical package, mainly for econometrics. The name is an acronym for Gnu Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Library GRETL

JMULTI  is an open-source interactive software for econometric analysis, specialised in univariate and multivariate time series analysis JMULTI

LyX  is a document processor following the self-coined "what you see is what you mean" paradigm (WYSIWYM), as opposed to the WYSIWYG ideas used by word processors. This means that the user only has to care about the structure of and information within the text, while the formatting is done by LaTeX, an advanced typesetting system. LyX is designed for authors who want professional output with a minimum of effort and without becoming specialists in typesetting. LyX

in computing, R is a programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics. R is an implementation of the S programming language created by John Chambers while at Bell Labs combined with lexical scoping semantics inspired by Scheme. R was created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and is now developed by the R Development Core Team, of which Chambers is a member. It is part of the Gnu project. R
  See Rmodelling link in side-bar above

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