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I used to teach a number of Finance courses at Edith Cowan Unversity prior to my leaving the university in July 2013

Investment Finance V

In 2012 semester  I taught an Investment Finance V course. Follow this link to some course material Investment Finance V

Capital Markets V

I also taught a Capital Markets V course. Follow this link to some course material Capital Markets V


Corporate Finance V

In prior semesters I have taught a corporate finance course. Follow this link to Corporate Finance V


I also taught  the Econometrics V course. Follow this link to some course material Econometrics V

Some useful links on econometrics.

Professor William Greene at Stern Business School, NYU, has a wealth of material on his website Link

Professor Hashem Pesaran at the University of Cambridge Link

Professor Robert Engle at Stern Business School, NYU Link

Professor David Hendry home page Link

National Centre for Econometrics Research (QUT and UTS) Link

Econometric Resources on the Internet

This site offers a wealth of information on econometric and general economic available on the net, and it is a supplement to the forthcoming textbook "Econometrics: An Applied Approach." For "pure" econometrics, there is information on data and software. There is additional information on economic associations, economic institutions and research organizations, a very nice list of economic journals, working papers, federal and international organizations, and mailing lists and newsgroups. Link

On line texts and notes in econometrics Link

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